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About Us

Just as it's important to eat right to stay healthy, it's equally important to nourish the outside of the body. At Leroux Creek Spa we have created "food for the skin." Our full line of skin care products makes it easy for you to treat your skin to beauty the way nature intended, by harnessing the antioxidant power of organically grown grapes and other all-natural ingredients.

Secrets of the Vine

I originally created my intense moisturizing therapy creme to treat my own dry skin, after moving from the relatively humid conditions of the East Coast to the extremely arid climate of Colorado. What I developed, using the natural ingredients I found here, became my first line of defense against the harsh dryness I encountered. Drawing upon the success of my results, I decided to share my solution with others by creating a product line committed to natural skin care.

Inspired by our vineyards, which we have nourished and organically grown, I enlisted the help of local herbalists to develop the Leroux Creek Spa product line. Based on scientific research on the benefits of grapes, we carefully perfected each formula for maximum quality and effectiveness.

In 2003 Leroux Creek Spa was founded - a perfect complement to the lifestyle my husband Yvon and I enjoy as owners of the Leroux Creek Inn. It was at the inn that Leroux Creek Spa products first debuted. As my guests reaped the benefits of the revitalizing qualities of the grape seed-based products, they quickly acquired a taste for more! We have continued to grow from there.

Today, Leroux Creek Spa is pleased to be able to offer our high quality, all-natural skin care and anti-aging products to the world.


Joanna Reckert,
Leroux Creek Spa

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