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Benefits of Grapes


Close your eyes and imagine your skin, fresh, clean and revitalized, as though you just spent the day pampering yourself at an exclusive spa. Now open your eyes to beauty the way nature intended, with Leroux Creek Spa’s distinctive line of all natural skin care and anti-aging products.

Food for the Skin

At Leroux Creek Spa we’ve created “food for the skin,” with the belief that nourishing the outside of the body is just as vital as nourishing it from within. Our all-natural, botanically- based skin care products work to reduce the signs of aging caused by the sun and environmental pollutants. Leroux Creek Spa’s premium, high performance products are handmade in small batches using only the finest ingredients, including essential oils and organically grown grapes from our vineyard.

Therapy Fresh from the Vine

Long valued for its therapeutic benefits and antioxidant qualities, grape seed oil is proven to promote healthy, vibrant skin and improve cellular activity. Leroux Creek Spa harnesses the power of the grape seed polyphenol, which today is regarded as one of the most effective agents for neutralizing free radicals. What does this mean for you? Simply put, fresh, supple skin nourished by the best ingredients on earth.

Leroux Creek Spa products are free from:
• parabens
• alcohol
• petro-chemicals 
• artificial preservatives

Today science has uncovered that ingredients commonly used in many skin care products can actually do harm. Items containing mineral oil, petroleum, collagen or waxes can block skin pores, causing blemishes. Alcohol can strip skin of its natural protective oils, causing dryness and irritation. Perfumes and dyes are can irritate sensitive skin. You won’t find these or any harmful ingredients in Leroux Creek Spa’s products. That’s our commitment to you.

What’s more, Leroux Creek Spa respects our environment and our products are never tested on animals.

Revive tired looking skin and restore the look of youth– the natural way–by making Leroux Creek Spa part of your daily skin care routine.

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